40th “Apimondia” – Melbourne 2007 (part1)

The whole event was located at Melbourne Convention Centre that, due to its size, seemed to be destined to accomodate any beekeeping exhibition.

The delegation of the Beekeeping Farm 'Sadecki Bartnik"', consisting of 11 people with its owners Anna and Janusz Kaszteleicz, arrived at the location without any delay. After few hours of arranging various elements and equipment, the representative exibition was assemblied and ready to welcome guests. As it turned out, the exhibition of "Sadecki Bartnik' was quite interesting as it was visited by about 6000 guests.
The official inauguration of 'ApiExpo' took place on 8th of September. Later that day, in the hall of John Batman Theatre the 40th International Beekeepers' Congress commenced. It was entitled "Beekeeping Down and Under" and it was presided over by the President of Apimondia Asger Sogaard Jorgensen from Denmark.

In the evening, a short film was presented. It illustrated the state of Australian beekeeping what gave its viewers, at least some extent, the idea how diverse can be the approach towards beekeeping.

The time beteween particular sessions of the Congress was spent on converstaions with potential clients and on developing new acquintances, as well as, renewing old frienships. The crew of 'Sadecki Bartnik' had the pleasure of meeting another Polish beekeeper Andrzej Wyszynski , who along with his daughters runs beekeeping farm "Maya Sunny Honey" in Australia.

At evenings, the participants could admire the cultural presentations prepared by countries competing for the right to organize next 'Apimondia". 

At the end of the ceremony, the awards were granted. The Beekeeping Farm "Sadecki Bartnik" received a silver medal for its honey mead "Macko".

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