“Sadecki Bartnik” at Apimondia 2013 (Part 1)

We returned from Kiev with two bronze medals of "ApiExpo". These prestigious awards were granted to us for the publication by Heinrich Gritsch "No Fear of bees" and for our company's exposition stall.
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The host of the 43rd Apimondia Congress and the "ApiExpo" Fairs was Ukraine. From 29th of september to 4th of October 2013, the Kiev Congress Centre was crowded with a multitude of people from different countries and different continents. Our company stall was visited by a great number of guests. There were also many friends from previous Congresses and Fairs. Small wonder, for we have been taking part in the Apimondia initiative since 1995.
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We were visted by former  Ukrainian President Wiktor Juszczenko who is also an avid beekeeper. It was him who made the organization of Apimondia Congress in Ukraine possible. Wiktor Juszczenko has also been at "Sadecki Bartnik" in Stroze so the meeting in Kive was the more agreeable. We presented him with two copies of our publications: the album by Heinrich Gritsch "No fear of bees" and a book by Jerzy Marcinkowski How to run a successful apiary".
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There were over 200 stalls at the "ApiExpo" Fairs. They included beekeepers, beekeeping organizations, scientists and sales reperesentatives. Visitors were numerous. Poland was represented by 15 firms. There came almost 700 beekeepers. It was an exceptional opportunity to find out more about what is happening right now in the world of beekeeping.
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There were also social occasions to celebrate. Along with our business partners "Corpo" and "TOP Bartnik", we organized a formal dinner party for the representatives of beekeeping companies that cooperate with us.
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