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Sadly, the years of 1980s and 1990s weren't very prolific when it came to specialized literature concerning beekeeping. Although there were some scarce textbooks for beginners but almost no books about beekeeping, bees diseases or breeding queens were reissued, not to mention films. What's more, the subject of honey, bee products and its application required further complementation. Earlier editions were almost unobtainable in the bookshops hence only miracle could help to acquire them.

To fill the void we established the Publishing House of "Sadecki Bartnik" in 1996.

In order to provide the best expertise in our books, albums and brochures we have started a close cooperation with numerous scientists and experts on beekeeping. It guarantees that our publications contain only verified knowledge. We have also started our own film studio which produces training materials, as well as, documentaries about the history and traditions of Polish beekeeping, coverages of different beekeeping events such as the Apimondia Congress.

Our publications are mainly intended for amateurs of beekeeping, however, by bringing out more and more guidebooks we popularize the usage of bee products in treating a number of ailments. Our authors are often doctors specialised in the area of apitherapy and who possess extensive professional experience. We make every effort to render our offer attractive and easily available for everyone who wants to learn more about the world of beekeeping.

We also provide our products via our online shop what is especially convenient for beekeeping associations. We offer books by other publishing houses and with bulk orders there is a possibility of a discount.

Ordering books and films:
  • orders can be made by post, e-mail or by telephone;
  • orders are fulfilled in chronological order;
  • books are delivered by post (to be paid on delivery);
  • a 10% discount is granted with an order over 10 items;
  • if needed books can be reissued (possible change in pricing);
  • we make out bills or invoices.

We encourage our customers to express their opinions about our Publishing House. We would be grateful for any suggestions concerning reprinting of books or new topics for our materials.  

These are the goals of the Publishing House "Sadecki Bartnik" - to popularize the knowledge about beekeeping and to meet the needs of the customers as quickly as possible. All our publishings, as well as, publishings of other houses are available in our online shop.

Have a look at our offer!

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