Apimondia Congress 2011

The Apimondia Congress and the accompanying ApiExpo Fair was participated by people from all continents. They included beekeepers, representatives of beekeeping organizations, scientists, traders and representatives of beekeeping companies.

Apimondia Congress is held every two years, every time in different country on different continent. The country organizing the Congress has the unique opportunity to presents its beekeeping achievements.

Argentina is in the forefront (2nd place) of honey production in the world. The main producers are professional beekeepers, amateurs are scarce. Argentinian apiaries are usually large companies acquiring honey from thousands of bee families. As much as 90% of Argentinian honey, classified as mixed-flower honey, is exported. Favourable weather conditions and maltitude of forage including a vast number of plants blooming for over six months render honey harvesting particularly rich.

Argentinian beekeepers complain about the problem of decreasing bee forage resulting from growing popularity of soya bean crop. Soya pushes out the melliferous plants what is becoming more and more visible and, even worse, causes a real threat to the efficiency of Argentinian beekeeping.

Argentina was an Apimondia organizer in 1973. This second appointment gives credit to the Argentinian beekeeping and shows the recognition of its achievements.

This international meeting of beekeepers comprises of a congress, a beekeeping fair, lectures, conferences and study excursions. The official languages of the Congress include: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Apimondia publishes its own periodical entitled "Apiacta" and has the Internet website (www.apimondia2011.com).

Naturally, ApiExpo fair was dominated by the beekeeping of South and Latin America. The distance between Argentina and the rest of the world caused European and Asian companies to reduce their presentations to catalogues of their products. This last remark does not relate to the representation of China and South Korea. These two countries had an exceptionally numerous delegation as they were aspiring to organize the Apimondia Congress in 2015.

The Beekeeping Farm Sadecki Bartnik has been participating incessantly in the Apimondia initiative since 1995. In Argentina Sadecki Bartnik occupied the stall C92, fellow company of Tomasz Lyson took up the stall C133 and the Association of Polish Beekeepers was appointed to stall C130.

In 2005 India initiated the World Honey Show what is a contest and exhibition promoting bee products. It also took place in Argentina. It is our pleasure to announce that Polish reperesentation, the largest from Central and Eastern Europe, was awarded with two bronze medals in Buenos Aires. The company of Tomasz Lyson was rewarded for its honey label and Sadecki Bartnik for its honey mead "Macko".

At the end, the participants decided that the Apimondia Congress in 2015 will be held in Seul, South Korea.

Worth reminding is the fact that the International Apicultural Congress Apimondia has been organized since 1897, with the first meeting held in Brussels. Since 1949, it is arranged every two years. In 1987 the host of the Congress was Warsaw, Poland, and in two years (2013) it is Kiev, Ukraine.

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