3-4 July Open Days at Bartnik: “Bees in the fight against viruses”

Beekeeping Farm „Sądecki Bartnik” would like to invite you for

Open days at Bartnik on 3-4 July from 9 am to 5 pm

Due to epidemic reasons, this year's meeting will be held in the open air. In addition to lectures on beekeeping, bee breeding and apitherapy, there are going to be many stalls with bee products, apiary equipment and delicacies from regional cuisine. A stand with honey plants and shrubs will also be open.

Program of lectures in the Zaremba Park (Saturday and Sunday) at 10 am to 2 pm:

  • dr hab. prof. UPWr Paweł Chorbiński, Bees health problems
  • dr hab. prof. UMCS Krzysztof Olszewski, Selected methods of apiary management.
  • dr hab. prof. PIWet Krystyna Pohorecka, The causes of large losses of bee colonies during overwintering in recent years
  • prof. dr hab. Maria Borawska, The use of propolis in the treatment of cancers
  • PhD Arkadiusz Kapliński, Bee products in the diet of pregnant women
  • MD Zenon Tokarz, My experience in treatment with bee products

During the Open Days we offer a 5% discount on:

  • professional beekeeping equipment, beeswax foundation, specialist literature
  • bee queens
  • honey of various kind, bee pollen, beebread, propolis, royal jelly
  • meads
  • cosmetics based on honey and bee products
  • honey goodies for the youngest.

We also provide attractive purchase prices for beeswax and propolis.

We also invite you to visit the open-air museum and beekeeping museum as well as the post-plein-air exhibition Bee in caricature (free admission). We recommend Bartna Chata's dishes. The restaurant serves traditional Polish cuisine and grilled dishes. Drink stands will also offer refreshments.

We ensure high pandemic safety standards, in accordance with applicable sanitary rules. Due to epidemiological safety, we reserve the right to cancel the event.

We also kindly ask you to inform your friends beekeepers, bee lovers, honey and bee products consumers about our happening.


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