Music enchanted in wood

Last Saturday, in the Zaremba Park, an atmospheric concert by the Timingeriu band took place as part of the "Music enchanted in wood" concerts on the Wooden Architecture Trail to which we belong.

Jewish, Gypsy and Balkan melodies have taken over our park. Later we moved to the meadow in front of the open-air museum to watch the take off of Malopolska Tourist Organization balloon.

Music Enchanted in Wood is a series of concerts on the Wooden Architecture Trail in Malopolska. It is an interesting event to take part in during summer weekends.

Since 2007, the Malopolska Tourist Organization invites you to concerts under the common name Music enchanted in wood. Every year, for 12 consecutive weeks, concerts are held in 4 churches included on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list and selected venues on the Wooden Architecture Trail. The programme is extremely diverse, in addition to early music, it also offers contemporary tunes, and also gives you the opportunity to watch dance performances.









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