XXVII Feast at Bartnik

The first weekend of July is the annual celebration in a calendar of every beekeeper and bees and honey enthusiasts. This year Feast started in rain, however the weather did not scare the visitors. The car parks were packed with cars way before the conference started.

The beekeepers made the most of this rainy morning and they sold beeswax, propolis and other bee products sourced in their apiaries. Our warehouse was completely cramped. The Feast is held in the middle of beekeeping season therefore it is a great opportunity to buy small equipment needed in the apiary. The outdoor stands offered specialist literature, academic books, queen bees, hives and beekeeping tools.

The Saturday weather wasn’t favourable for walking therefore our new place for holding the conference “The Exhibition House” was quickly crowded. Honey and tasty food lovers visited our restaurant and Honey Larder Shop.br/> It was 9th edition of the conference which was organised with the help of the Provincial Veterinarian of Lesser Poland – Agnieszką Szewczyk - Kutą. Professors and practitioners conducted lectures on various subjects starting from methods used in apiaries, ecological apiaries through presentation of the newest research and medicines, GMO and pesticides matters to apitherapy in medicine.

All lectures are published in a special conference brochure which can be purchased via our online store.

The afternoon wasn’t warm either, however we had some sunny spells and on this account the park was packed. The visitors together with children could listen to and even take part in various attractions on stage such as honey extraction, honey and bee products quiz game and also artistic performances. Later on we were entertained by a cabaret followed by light and sound show of Saint Ambrose and St. Francis Night. The first day of the Feast was ended by fireworks display. The Sunday started coldly, and the weather was variable all day long. The formal opening of the Feast was conducted by Janusz Kasztelewicz who greeted all the guests and who also gave decorations. The prizewinners of the 8th photo contest were awarded. The guests visited exhibitions and displays. There were many attractions prepared such as orchestra gig, karate and cavalry shows. The most longed for performance was left for the late afternoon. The spectators were entertained by a comic - Krzysztof Hanke who presented his newest programme titled One-Man-Show.

The local folklore band ended today’s entertainment.

Despite the changing weather the guests could spent their time not only in the park or under the roof of the Exhibition House but also they could visit numerous stands offering souvenirs, decorations, plants and handcrafts. One could see diorama from the World War I, ride a horse, explore our museum, observe our animals and also take part in honey workshops. In this way another Feast passed into history.

See you next year!!!


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