20th Biesiada at Bartnik 3rd-4th July 2011 (Part 4)

This thorough account of Biesiada will finish a reportage that will endeavour to express the specific atmosphere of the event which is annualy frequented by beekeepers and honey lovers with much enthusiasm. Biesiada is also invariably an ideal occasion for a weekend rest.

However, every respecatable beekeeper starts his visit at Biesiada with arranging the pressing matters connected with his or her apiary.


Some bring beeswax and beeswac sheets for sale...


...others tour numerous stalls with specialized beekeeping equipments or with bee queens. Purchasing a ready packet with a queen can be highly satisfying...


...other beekeepres select new beehives for their bees and look for specialized literature.


This year, the outlet shop at sadecki Bartnik was especially popular. People were selecting, sifting and browsing through. Those less experienced asked for advice others.


Still "fresh" picture book "No fear of bees", the pride of Sadecki Barnik Publishing, could be bought on sale.


Enthusiastically received, as usual, was the parade of  Sccotish bagpippers from Czestochowa "Pipes & Drums"...

...and later two more performances of this outstanding band.btn_pobierz_mp3

The news crew of "Panorama" had preapred a special material concerning the problems of Polish beekeeping and the threat to the national economy which is the process of chemicalizing the national agriculture.
The material was emitted on the public television channel TVP 2  as a part of the main news programme.


Like every year, the stalls arrnanged for Biesiada were full of various products to be purchased, to name just a few: honey varieties, bee products, cosmetics, medicines  and the regional folk craftsmenship.


Especially renowned was the last in Poland craftman making punnets and baskets from traditionally tanned hazel roots.


Kazimierz Stachurski, the craftsman, give such a punnet to one of the most prominent actors in Poland Andrzej Grabowski. Both men, each master in his own field, exchanged pleasantries.


Besiada was also honoured by the presence of craftsmen of "Beskid Zielony" Association, who presented the now perishing professions of Pogorze, and Beskid Niski regions.


Mr Jozef Gucwa, a collector from Bobowa, surprised everyone at Biesiada an exceptional military presentation. While the stage was occupied by beekeepers showing the audience how honey is harvested.


This two-day beekeeping holiday in Stroze includes also a number of lectures on the topics of apitherapy, prevention and treatment with means of bee products.


Professor Artur Stojko discussed the topic "Apitherapy: today and tomorrow".


Professor Ryszard Czarnecki talked about his experience in treating people with bee products. He also promoted the series of movies "Skarbnica zdrowia" prepared by the Publishing House of Sadecki Bartnik. He was aided in his advertisement of bee products by his fellow doctor Arkadiusz Kaplinski  who presented a number of interesting observations on medical practice.

The audience was also entertained by various stories from the acting career of an outstanding Polish actor invited to the Biesiada Andrzej Grabowski.btn_pobierz_mp3
The was disturbed by a vibrating in his pocket mobile phone. Astonished audience became the witnesses of the following phone conversation....btn_pobierz_mp3

In the meantime, the actor's performance caused some tables to be free at the barbecue post. Some guests decided to satisfy their hunger and to drink a pint or two of beer.


A special attraction prepared for the guests from Brazil was a visit to the apiary of Wladyslaw Ptaszkowski from Ptaszkowa, who owns an apiary that can be compared to a true masterpiece of carpentry art.


Anna and Janusz Kasztelewicz, the organizeres and the hosts of the event, said goodbye to Professor Lionel Segui Gonçalves who along with his wife came to Poland. The Brazilian guests and ther hosts made an appointmnet to see one another again during the Apimmondia Congress 2011.
This year, the Apimondia Congress, was held on Argentina, the colosest naighbour of Brazilia.

miodowykurier_1Among a diversity of attractions prepared for honey lovers there was also the offer of "Miodowy kurier" Publishings.


The 20th edition of Besiada became a hostory. But not to worry, we will see each other again, as usual, next year at the first weekeend of July.

Text and recordings: Leszek Horwath
Photo.: Leszek Horwath, Piotr Mrowka and Jerzy Zak
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