“U babci Marysi” Hotel

dom_goscinny_250The beekeeping Farm "Sadecki Bartnik" does not cease in its efforts to expand. To prove that, a new hotel was opened a few months ago. However, it is not just one of many - the hotel at Bartnik is one of a kind.

What is so special about it? It has a unique character thanks to its stylish furnishing and modern equipment. Hotelik at Bartnik shows that, in spite of what some people may say, the balance between tradition and comfort can be achieved, and all of it in good taste. One look suffices to convince you that no other hotel has so much to offer.

Each and every room has its own name that is depicted in the colouring of the interiors, for instance Clover room will amaze you with its green freshness and Raspberry room will literally make you feel like in haven.


The hotel accommodates 50 places to sleep in single, double rooms or even in room for four, all of which has its own bathroom, air-conditioning and access to the Internet. There is also a place to dine, watch TV or just indulge oneself by sitting on the porch, admiring the neighbourhood.dom_goscinny_250_2

What is more, the hotel at Bartnik, though completely new, has also quite interesting history. It has its origins in an old parish school that was located in a nearby village Krużlowa. The school was built at the end of the 19th century and eventually, just before the demolition, became a model for the hotel. And that is yet another reason for preserving the spirit of the past at the realm of Bartnik.

All in all, the hotel at Bartnik is an ideal place for stay not only for travellers, hoping to get some rest in their tiresome journey, but also for the guest of Bartna Chata restaurant, who wish to refresh themselves between partying sessions.

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