Range of conducted analyses

The scope of the conducted analyses:
  • the research laboratory of honey products quality offers a wide range of services connected with the analysis of honey and other honey products
  • the spectrum of the conducted analyses includes physiochemical parameters research as well as identification of the honey varieties through pollen analysis
  • in the near future the laboratory work is to be expanded into research related to the microbiology and bee diseases

The main aim of the laboratory work is conducting the following analysis:

  • determining water content
  • determining specific conductivity
  • determining diastase number
  • determining total acidity
  • determining glucose, fructose and saccharin content ( HPLC method)
  • determining 5- hydroxymethylfurfural content
  • determining sulfonamide residue (CHARM II)
  • determining streptomycin residue (CHARM II)
  • determining chloramphenicol (CHARM II)
  • determining proline content
  • honey variety identification by pollen analysis
  • detecting starch presence
  • detecting dextrose starch presence
  • determining sulfonamide residue (HPLC method)
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