“Biesiada” at Bartnik – 7th of July 2013, Sunday

The 22nd edition of "Biesiada" at Bartnik was opened by Janusz Kasztelewicz. He started with receiving the guests, among them Jerzy Miller (the Governor of Malopolska Province), Stanislaw Kogut (the Senator of the Republic of Poland), Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski (the Member of Parliament, the Vice-President of the Commission for the Agriculture), Kaziemierz Zmuda (the Representative of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) and a number of scienitsts, members of local authorities and local beekeeping activists. Additionally, Marek Sowa, Marshal of Malopolska, and Jaroslawa Kalinowski, Member of the European Parliamnet, sent their addresses to the participants of Biesiada in a written form.

Traditional to Biesiada are special certificates made by an artist Franciszek Palka. They are granted by Anna and Janusz Kasztelewicz, the organizers of the event, to people especially meritorious. This year nominees were Prof. Jan Miodek as "the sweetest advocate of Polish language" and Kaziemirz Zmuda as "the most steadfast participant and friend of "Biesiada" at Bartnik.

The opening of Biesiada is also an opportunity to award decorations of the state granted by the President of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski. Mieczyslaw Kolat was awarded with the Silver Cross of Merit for "merits in beekeeping promotion and development" and Aneta Galeja with the Bronze Medal of Long-standing Service for "exemplary fullfilmnet of duties". The decorations were given by the Governor of Malopolska, Jerzy Miller.

Moreover, the Minister of Agriculture, Stanislaw Kalemba, granted six people with the Medal of Merit in Agriculture for "an active service in beekeeping". This distinction was given by Kazimierz Zmuda to Maria Gebala, Maria Mrowka, Maria Wilde, Waclaw Bialoglowicz, Andrzej Burtan and Krzysztof Tuleja.

During the official part of Biesiada there were also given the awards for the 4th Open Photo Contest "Bee and its environment". The works were exhibited in the conference tent.

The Governor of Malopolska, Jerzy Miller, was delightfully surprised with the unexpected gift from the caricaturists participating in this year Outdoor Workshop. They presnted him with his portrait with the dedication "every governor likes honey flavour". Kazimierz Zmuda was also given a caricature of his employer with a cartoon of a bee weighing more than a large amount of produce. Maybe, some day, this work will be exhibited in the office of the Minister.

Prof. Jan Miodek, a renowned Polish linguist, entertained the visitors by proving how flexible is our mother tongues, especially in relation to honey.

Like every year, there were many artistic performances starting with the Brass Orchestra from Florynka and an extremaly cheerful dancing band "Cristal Team"  from Romania.

The visitors of Biesiada had a really diffuclt task in deciding what to choose from a wide variety of activites, including fairs, shows and exhibitions. It was also an open day for visiting the Museum of Polish Beekeeping. No wonder, there were so many people willing to take advantage of such an opportunity. The conference tent not only held the Photo Contest exhibition, but also the works of Milan Motyka, a photographer and beekeeper from Chech, and the display of Outdoor Workshop creations. Threre one could also take part in two discussion panels. One pertaining to problems of feeding and treating bees and the other one concerning the topic of apitherpy in the 21st century.

The afternoon belonged to the local folk bands "Sklanik" from Kamionka, "Jankowianie" from Jankowa and "Kowalnia" from Stroze. The final entertainment was the famous Polish cabaret "Pod Wyrwogroszem", whose members presented their latest routine "Kurde Pologne". The performance resulted in a number of spontanous outbreaks of laughter among the audience. And this is how the 22nd edition of "Biesiada" at Bartnik came to an end with thankfully splendind weather and an excellent humor among participants. See you next year !!!

Photo: Bogdan Klimczyk and Mirosław Żak © Beekeeping Farm "Sadecki Bartnik" 2013. All rights reserved.

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