Phenomenal non-alcoholic drink – Kurdesz

Fantastic news! Everyone, without exception and regardless of age or profession can drink a cup of this aromatic drink. This non-alcoholic, honey-spicy drink not only stimulates and warms up but also gives a new lease of life.

Kurdesz should be drunk hot, preferably served in a special ceramic vessel made of a cup that rests on a saucer – called “kurdeszówka”. A cube of tourist fuel or a heater candle is placed on the stand, which, when lit, will heat the drink.

In our local store in Stróże, a new wonderful gift set is ready. Simply created for all Grandmas and Grandpas! You will not find such a set anywhere else, only at Sądecki Bartnik! A unique and original gift set, packed in a wooden, beautifully decorated box containing a bottle of Kurdesz and two special vessels for drinking this delicious drink.

Burning stoneware with an aromatic drink will be perfect for non-alcoholic family celebrations. Excellent for this time of year, and there are still many opportunities to celebrate and give gifts to our loved ones. If you want to increase its taste, add mead from the offer of our local store.








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