Miracle honeys

If you fancy something sweet, healthy, with simple composition but still innovative then give our Miracle honeys a shot.

If you are a honey lover and are looking for sweet and healthy modifications the Miracle honey series with additives has been created for you. Remember "you are what you eat" - and choosing our Miracle honey is not only a pleasure, but also health itself! Many of you immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the Miracle honey series. Our honeys with additives are a combination of precious bee honey with carefully selected fruit. Miracle honey owes its sophisticated sweet taste with a slight hint of acidity and a beautiful colour only to fruit and a large amount of honey.

Miracle honeys do not contain food additive E numbers, flavours, carriers…. dyes, glucose-fructose syrup, artificial honey, citric acid, sugar, modified starch, pectins, etc. We have created a simple and very tasty product for you. All additives have been combined in perfect proportions using the appropriate technology without the interference of high temperature, pasteurization or preservatives.

cud_miod_r1_smEveryone knows the taste of honey, but not all of you have learned the taste of the Miracle honey series yet. The sweetness of honey with a delicate aftertaste of fruit and herbs is a real pleasure. The addition of a small and sufficiently compacted fruit bomb will sweeten any sunny and cloudy day. Freeze-dried fruit retains all the nutritional values ​​and, when combined with juices, gain strength. The fluffy, smooth texture will perfectly spread on a homemade slice of bread... and sweeten a cup of tea at breakfast. Are you looking for something completely different than jams, sugar-sweetened fillings, glucose-fructose syrup? etc. Are you looking for a healthy sweet snack? Are you a fan of honey and you fancy healthy sugar derived only from honey and fruit? You are not interested in artificial products flooding store shelves! If YES, you have to try our creamed honeys with fruit and herbs from the Miracle honey series. Lose your heart for them even more and learn healthy habits and choose healthy food. Be open to new products, choose wisely and take care of your health! Support Polish producers.

Miracle honey and strawberry – refreshing journey of a cocktail and strawberry taste (corresponds to approx. 33% of fresh strawberries and 14% of fresh apple juice)
Miracle honey and raspberry - sweet pleasure in a raspberry version (corresponds to approx. 14% of fresh raspberry and 5% of lime)
Miracle honey and blackcurrant - a fruit adventure into sweet and sour pleasure (corresponds to about 10% of fresh currants and about 11% of fresh apple juice)
Miracle honey and nettle - extremely perfect for connoisseurs of taste and beautiful appearance - don't be afraid, it's delicious! One of a kind! (corresponds to approx. 12% fresh nettles and approx. 7% lime)
Miracle honey and mango - a bit of exoticism in an extraordinary edition (equivalent to approximately 14% of fresh mangoes)

What are freeze-dried fruits? Freeze-dried fruits are made according to the latest and healthiest methods of food preservation. Products subjected to this process retain their full nutritional value, taste, aroma and colour. They do not need any additives or preservatives to maintain their properties even for several years. Freeze-dried food is frozen at minus 50 degrees Celsius, and then the resulting ice crystals sublimate under vacuum conditions. The final product has a moisture content that allows the product to be stored for a long time.

Miracle honey variationsbased on our recipe are an ideal solution for healthy and exceptionalfood lovers.





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