The Beekeeping Farm 'Bartnik Sadecki' deals with purchasing, processing, packaging and selling all sorts of honey products, quality of which is regularly tested and monitored in a professionally equipped research laboratory of honey products quality.

The laboratory carries out a wide range of tasks in relation to the quality testing of honey products in order to provide the most reliable analysis results that in consequence guarantee the highest standard of company's services. Thanks to the qualified and competent staff, as well as the latest specialist equipment, the methods used in research process ensures precise and thorough data.

The laboratory participates in a laboratory team research that is organized by the assigned European laboratory, whose task is to confirm the expertise of the conducted research. In addition, the company's laboratory is in the process of implementing the norm of PN/EN ISO 17025:2005 that will allow the company to be given the accreditation to the methods employed in the laboratory.


The scope of the conducted analyses:
  • the research laboratory of honey products quality offers a wide range of services connected with the analysis of honey and other honey products

  • the spectrum of the conducted analyses includes physiochemical parameters research as well as identification of the honey varieties through pollen analysis

  • in the near future the laboratory work is to be expanded into research related to the microbiology and bee diseases

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