Honey mood ginger & lemon

Dear honey lovers! We would like to present to you another novelty, which will be perfect for long autumn and winter evenings! This limited series prevents colds and pleasantly warms up.

Everyone knows the magic power of honey in combination with ginger and lemon. The trio, used for centuries in folk medicine, strengthens the body, helps maintain health and well-being. In this combination, Honey mood ginger & lemon has a warming, antibacterial, antiviral effect...

Just reach for the jar of our honey mood limited version and enjoy not only the great taste, but also its valuable properties. Be careful, it is highly addictive:)

The limited series of Honey mood ginger & lemon contains natural pieces of ginger and lemon. Perfect for tea, autumn-winter desserts, baked goods ... a simple composition with carefully selected additives will turn your head, for sure.


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