Honey extraction at night

14th July 2016 at 10 pm
We will talk about bees while exploring the museum in an unusual scenery of the night.
Extracting honey from a comb and tasting it will be a real attraction. Everybody can bring a jar and we will fill it with fresh honey.


  • Exploring Museum and a beekeeping open-air museum
  • Uncapping honey frames and extracting honey
  • Tasting fresh honey

Additionally, we will visit Reserve in Ciezkowice with a guide as the part of LIFE horseshoe bat+ project

  • Departure from Sadecki Bartnik with the guide at midnight (by own cars)
  • at 4.44 am sunrise at the tower in Brusnik

The cost:
Family ticket (2+2) – 50 zl
Each additional child – 10 zl
Individual ticket – 25 zl

Fresh honey at 20 zl/kg

See you at Bartnik!

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