Honey and fruit madness

The fruit season is in full swing ... We have another portion of summer novelties perfect for holidays...
There are two new flavours that will charm even larger group of children and adults:

  • Miracle honey and strawberry — creamed multiflower nectar honey with the addition of freeze-dried strawberry and apple juice. A combination of fluffy honey with refreshing fruit. Strawberries and apple juice are sources of vitamins and antioxidants. They improve mood and add a large dose of energy for the entire day.
  • Miracle honey and blackcurrant — creamed multiflower nectar honey with the addition of freeze-dried blackcurrant and apple juice. A combination of sweetness with a slight hint of acidity from the fruit. Blackcurrant is known for its high dose of vitamin C, natural pectins and antioxidants. Apple juice strengthens immunity and condition of the body. The Miracle Honey series is perfect for healthy food lovers. They do not contain dyes, flavour enhancers and thickeners. Success is in nature. They taste great in: muesli, yoghurts, sandwiches, crackers, cookies, tea, ice cream, cheese, coffee, drinks ... they can replace jams, stuffing, sugar in tea and unhealthy snacks :)

And you? Which Miracle Honey will you choose for yourself? We recommend all 5!

Available in our online and local store!

  • Miracle honey and strawberry
  • Miracle honey and blackcurrant
  • Miracle honey and mango
  • Miracle honey and raspberry
  • Miracle honey and nettle




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