Commercial Apiary

Commercial apiary of the Beekeeping Farm 'Sadecki Bartnik' comprises of over 1500 bee families, mainly Carnica race, coming from home breeding apiary. Bees of other race and lines are also tested here. Beehives are located in a few dozen places in the neighbourhood of company seat to provide bees with variety of nectars and to avoid overbreeding.

On account of apiary production intensification and reduction in time designated for one bee family, the prevailing type frame is Wielkopolska frame (360#260mm) and, in particular, shortened Langstroth frame (435#170mm).

Bees use mainly spring or spring and summer material, most often honeydew which is quite unpredictable in occurrence in this area. That is why, the beehives are frequently moved to places more abundant in honeydew. The efficiency of a bee family depends on the amount of honeydew. In peak years, it reached the level of a few dozen kilograms in a season, which in this region lasts from May to August.
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In periods without nectar material the apiary produces also herbal honey, including hawthorn, aloe, nettle and pine. All of them are characterized by a wide range of medicinal applications. Apart from honey, other products are also acquired. These include flower pollen, propolis, beebread and periodically honey milk.
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