Chocolates with fruit and bee products

Honey mood is a collection of sweets entirely filled with wonderful flavours of fruit, spices and bee products. These small snacks are the perfect midday pick-me-up. Dark chocolate and pollen pair well with fruit, spices and roasted coffee beans. It's the ideal balance between delicious, crazy pleasure and your daily need for nutritional value.

This is the best thing that can happen to us despite part of a day. On the road and at home, in the office and at home office - it all depends on how greedy we are. Each unit from the Honey mood collection is a universal mood enhancer and a gift numero uno:)

This line of goods consists of:
- coffee beans in dark chocolate with bee pollen
Dark Chocolate covered Arabica coffee beans sprinkled with pollen. Pleasantly crunchy, they give energy and always taste delicious. Attention! The product contains a double portion of energy: coffee and bee pollen - make good use of this energy:) Products available in our local and online store.


- cranberries in dark chocolate with bee pollen
A harmonious combination of slightly acidic, dried cranberry in dark chocolate. This classic delicacy from North America has many fans and is worth enjoying not only for taste, but also for health reasons. Additionally, it is sprinkled with pollen – Nothing more, nothing less!


- an apple in dark chocolate with bee pollen
Polish apples in dark chocolate with bee pollen are a real delight! The wonderful structure of the chocolate and the delicate taste of the fruit are a perfect combination. You can enjoy the taste of these delicious fruit all year round.


- ginger in dark chocolate with bee pollen
Ginger is one of the first "roots of the east", appreciated for its taste as well as for strengthening and warming properties. Naturally spicy taste obtained by organic cultivation has been broken by the candying process and the addition of dark chocolate with a sprinkle of bee pollen.


- beebread in dark chocolate with cocoa
A dream combination of gently acidic beebread and dark chocolate. Beebread is a source of vitality with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Chocolate is a common mood enhancer and guru for gourmands. Can you make a better pair? Yes, of course! ... sprinkle this pair with cocoa and create a dream trio:)




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