Breeding apiary

Breeding apiary is the integral part of the Beekeeping Farm 'Sadecki Bartnik'. It was established to meet the need of ever-developing commercial apiary for high quality material.o_nas_sm The material used before not always fulfilled the requirements demanded from the intensely exploited apiary, especially when considering the harsh climate conditions of Pogorze Sadeckie. The need for production versatility also became obvious.

All this contributed to the closer cooperation with Dr Andrzej Zawilski. In first stage , the standard of bee families service was raised what led to the increase in honey efficiency.  "NOVA”, "ALFA” and "BETA”  are the lines that have been appreciated by the local beekeepers for years. Subsequently,  it translated into the increase in demand for bee queens and into necessity for creating new insemination device and an universal cage for transport. From that moment onwards there was a wide range of not inseminated, naturally inseminated and artificially inseminated queens.


Further growth of the breeding apiary of 'Sadecki Bartnik' was influenced by the information concerning the local species of bee found in Dobra, near Limanowa and Tymbark, that was preliminary assessed and subjected to selection by Jerzy Smotra. This line demonstrated the feature of hygienic behaviour and habit of cleaning the nest what was especially essential due to the spread of mycosis of the time.

Naturally, it caught our attention. Thanks to the substantial involvement of Mrs. Krystyna Kareta (the employee of KCHZ - the National Centre of Breeding Animals) it was possible to enter the line "DOBRA" into the KCHZ register. Dr Andzrej Zawilski was the author of the conservative program and the methodology of the assessment.

In time, with regard to genetic diversity preservation, the search for other lines began. The choice was "VIGORA" from the breeding apiary of Kwietoslav Cermak and "KARPATKA” of Vasilij Gajdar. Both lines are included in our offer.


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