Beekeeping conference

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine of Lesser Poland
Carpathian Association of Beekeepers in Nowy Sacz
Sadecki Bartnik Beekeeping Farm
organise 25th Feast at Sadecki Bartnik
2nd July 2016 from 9.45 am to 4 pm

6th Edition of the Conference titled:

“Let's help bees - the bees will help us”

Several topics are going to be presented including the following:

  • The problem of CCD in Italy
  • Chemical preparations to fight against varroosis
  • Apitherapy in Ukraine
  • Bee products in our diet

The conference will take place at Sadecki Bartnik Beekeeping Farm in Stroze, nearby Grybow.

The contestants will have the chance to purchase conference materials – this year's and older.

Feast programme (pdf) btn_pobierz_pdf





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