Bartnik’s History

'Sadecki Bartnik', which is the fulfillment of passion and life career of Anna and Janusz Kasztelewicz, was established in 1973 in Stroze - a charming place located in the borderline of Beskid Sadecki, Beskid Niski and Pogorze Ciezkowickie. Thanks to the pristine environment and absence of industrial facilitates it became an ideal place for a beekeeping farm famous for product of the highest quality.

After a few initial years of gathering vital experience and hard work, since 1989 'Bartnik' started to develop dynamically and became a company appreciated not only in Poland but also in Europe and many other countries in the world. Today, its apiaries comprise of over 1500 bee families from which a wide variety of honey products is produced. It ranges from delicate spring honey, refined honeydew honey and linden honey, best quality single-flower honey to other honey products that include pollen, beeswax, propolis, bee milk and beebread. Exceptionally clean surrounding combined with particular care for bee families constitute the very foundations of 'Bartnik Sadecki' company.

15 lat Bartnika

'Sadecki Bartnik' stands for its logo that symbolizes the long-lasting tradition of a peaceful coexistence of human with and in nature. Anna i Janusz Kasztelewicz, following the example of the ancient forest beekeepers, cherish their work that gives them so much satisfaction and devote themselves to it with exemplary diligence, honesty and respect for the world of bees. In the end, there is much truth in the saying that beekeepers are people of good hearts who derive their peaceful attitude from communing with the most noble kind of insects.

The company of 'Sadecki Bartnik' is also is characterized by such qualities as professionalism, ecology of production, management efficiency and extremely vital in this industry growth dynamics. The company brand is based on the highest quality of products, full satisfaction of all its clients, and on the policy that focuses on high market flexibility integrated with the innovative approach towards investment planning.

The owner and the upholder of 'Sadecki Bartnik' is Janusz Kasztelewicz, who is a beekeeper by profession and by avocation. As an avid promoter of beekeeping, he held the office a chairman of the District Association of Beekeepers in Nowy Sacz for 26 years.

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Company Philosophy

When it comes to the logo of 'Sadecki Bartnik' it is a perfect representation of the company's philosophy. Bee, being the symbol of diligence, cleanliness, dedication and attachment, illustrates what is the most important for the Bartnik family. The individual needs of the clients are always put first making the most of the healthful properties of honey and its derivatives.

Our main goal always was and still is to provide the highest satisfaction our clients and to join the best in the beekeeping industry. To achieve it, we pay attention not only to the quality requirements of the products but also to the safety and hygiene standards. We employ an extensive management system that is regularly tested by the international controlling institutions.

In short, we:

  • know the expectations of our clients and they are the basis for our actions
  • closely monitor the market and the environment and we act upon our observations
  • adjust our processes to the demand of the market
  • aspire to achieve the highest quality in every area of our activity
  • concentrate on our strengths and we make good use of our resources
  • find the source of our success in the positive feedback of our clients
  • base our success on the competence of our staff
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