Apitherapy. Treatment with honey and other bee products

The book is addressed both to people who want to take care of their health and strengthen immunity, as well as pharmacists and specialists in various fields of medicine who look for reliable information based on scientific publications and clinical research.

Honey, bee pollen, beebread and royal jelly are the greatest blessings of nature. They are not only tasty and nutritious foods, but also valuable products used in apitherapy. Propolis, beeswax, apitoxin, drone brood and hive air also have a beneficial effect on our health. Depending on the type of disease, they can support the therapy. Moreover, they can be an alternative method of treatment, especially when classic pharmacological agents have failed.

About the authors
Professor Bogdan Kedzia and his wife Elżbieta Hołderna-Kedzia (Master of Pharmacy) are outstanding experts in apitherapy. As scientists, they also specialize in the field of microbiology and pharmacology of herbal medicine. They are the authors of many books, scientific publications and articles in beekeeping and popular science magazines. For promoting knowledge about the healing properties of bee products, Prof. Bogdan Kedzia was awarded the Medal of the Apiculture Department in Pulawy (1993) and the Gold Badge of the Polish Apiculture Association (1998).


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