25th Feast at Bartnik

Every year on the first weekend of July we are in Stroze celebrating honey feast. This year feast will be special as we celebrate 25th anniversary of Sadecki Bartnik.
It is a great opportunity for beekeepers to participate in the annual training conference. Specialists and experts will present information from the world of beekeeping, and also talk about nutrition and health properties of honey. There will be time for exchanging ideas and experiences. What is more one can purchase professional beekeeping equipment, books, varieties of honey and bee products.

Honey feast is the time of fun, therefore we would like to invite families with children for whom there will be many attractions prepared. On our premises there is a playground and farmhouse with goats, horses, donkeys, peacock and different hens variations. The visitors are welcomed to our exhibition houses and interactive exposition “Sectrets of the hive”. In the open-air museum there is a collection of unique and interesting hives. There will be stalls with handicraft works including artefacts of bobbin lace-makers from Bobowa, sculptors and artists. Housewives Associations will prepare regional delicious meals. Each feast is accompanied by artistic programmes presented on the scene in the beautiful Park. There, you will have the chance to admire folk bands, dancers, singers and cabarets. Display of plenary sessions of caricaturists and painters will take place together with the summary of the photo contest “Bee and its surroundings”.

The main idea of the feast is to promote Polish beekeeping among honey consumers.

Don't miss it!

Sadecki Bartnik: 2nd and 3rd July - you have to be here!





More details are presented below in Polish:

XXV Biesiady u Bartnika btn_pobierz_pdf 

Program Konferencji btn_pobierz_pdf


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