22nd “Biesiada” at Bartnik – St. Ambrose’s Night

The main core of the show is and has always been the character of St. Ambrose, the patron of beekeepers. Each year the show pertains to the most pressing problems of Polish and international beekeeping.

Last year event related to the protests against the usage of pesticides containing neonicotinoids and unlimited expansion of GMO crops. It also referred to the March in Protection of Bees that took place in Warszawa, as well as, to the petitions in the Parliament demading immediate actions to protect bees from the excessive chemicalization and other contemporary civilizational threats. This year, in the light of introducing by the European Union moratorium of new generation pesticides, the show was a form of acknowledgements for all those who in any form helped to support the cause of bees and beekeepers. The main protagonist of the St. Ambrose's Night was... a drone, known for its laziness and indolence and who takes advantage of other bees' work. It was decided to remove him from the beehive and the whole apiary by burning and drowning its symbolic representation, a doll. In this particular case the drone was a token of typical bureaucrats' vices: idleness, helplessness and unwillingness to act decisively.

After the show had finished, the authors already started thinking about the next year performance.

We overheard that it will be a spectacular show where bees-feminists will rise in defence of removed drones and will chase after the organizers of this year performance.

St. Ambrpse and All Saints!!! Listen to the pleadings of Jerzy Hojda and Franciszek Palka, supported by "Sadecki Bartnik", and help them gain more strength before the next show in 2014 A.D. Photo: Mirosław Żak © Beekeeping Farm "Sadecki Bartnik" 2013. All rights reserved.

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